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Year 5/6 - Mr Kane

Welcome to Year 5/6, and a brand new exciting year. My name is Mr Kane and I will be your Son/Daughter’s class teacher for this year. Our class is made up of 21 pupils who will also be supported by Miss Baldwin and Mrs O’Brien. Our class aim, in this important year, is to continue to develop the pupil’s independence, resilience, curiosity and creativity, in an engaging, vibrant, supportive and lively environment, where children are not afraid to risk failure.

We will be using a wonderful text, CogHeart, by Peter Bunzl, in our English sessions; it is a ‘stunning adventure of Danger and Daring’. I am confident it will inspire children.

 In Science, our topic is ‘Earth and Beyond’ which will hopefully answer their curiosity about  what lies beyond our planet and how it fits into our Solar System and beyond.

‘Heroes and Villains’ is our main topic, we will be discussing with children where this open ended topic can take us, but we will be focussing on real life heroes and villains both modern and historical. It is this that will be the main focus of home learning, and very much hope to have your continued support in assisting and encouraging your children in this. I will also be sending out some information on how you can help your child with spelling and maths, again any support you can provide in helping your child will be invaluable.

I will continue to update the website to keep you informed of class news and developments. Please do not hesitate contacting me via the school office should you have any questions or require any further information.