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Year 2 - Miss Barry

Hello! We are class 2HB. We have 27 Year 2 children in our class.

We really enjoy learning and will be learning about lots of exciting new things during our time in Year 2. Our projects this year include Out of this world, Wild at Heart and Invent ,innovate and create.

We like to do lots of different things in our class and enjoy learning new facts and skills. We have a Writers Workshop where we can practise our writing skills. In Maths Marvels, we can play games and investigate numbers. At our Create and Investigate area, we get to make, paint, draw and investigate. We have a Reading and Research area which we can use to read and enjoy books, dress up and make puppet shows. We also use the computers to find out information about our projects and to present our work in fun ways. We especially enjoy our Let’s Construct area where we can build and create lots of new things. Our Role Play area is always lots of fun and we enjoy acting out different things!

We also have an outdoor sand area and block play area and our very own investigation hut

We also enjoy getting out and about and visiting teachniquest where we found out about our solar system.

Miss Barry is our class teacher. She is also Foundation Phase leader and when she is working on her Foundation Phase jobs with Mrs Davies, the Head Teacher, Miss Lewis  teaches in our class. Mrs Stockley is our class teaching assistant who is brilliant at helping us, working with us and helping us to keep our classroom organised.