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Publication of the PDG Information for Deri View Primary School


Total number of pupils on role (March 2017 ) 326 (258 excluding Nursery) Free School Meal Population Under 50% The total allocation of PDG (April 2017 - March 2018) £89,700. The school undertakes the following activities in order to support pupils facing the challenge of poverty and deprivation:

  1. Employment of Family Support/ Parent Partnership Officer
  2. Empoyment of an additional teaching assistant to provide speech and language intervention in Early Years
  3. Employment of a Play Therapist (2 days per week)
  4. Employment of 0.5 Emotional Literacy Support Assistant
  5. Employment of a Teaching Assistant to deliver numeracy intervention in Key Stage 2
  6. Employment of 0.5 Teaching Assistant to deliver literacy intervention in Key Stage 2
  7. Employment of 0.5 Teaching Assistant to deliver literacy and numeracy intervention in Foundation Phase
  8. Funding for a more able and talented (MAT) maths tranistion programme for eFSM learners in Y5 and Y6
  9. Training for all staff in positive behaviour management and implentation of positive behaviour strategies
  10. Provide access for all learners including eFSM learners to professional music tuition
  11. Provide access to a Governor Fund to support all eFSM learners to access extra curricular activities.

The school’s PDG and EIG plans are regularly scrutinised by the Governing body, supported by advice from the EAS and monitored by the Local Authority.