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Nursery - Mrs Edwards

Hello! We are nursery class at Deri View. We can accommodate up to 60 children in our morning nursery sessions and 60 children in our afternoon nursery sessions (divided into 2 nursery classes). We currently have a morning and an afternoon session running for our pre-school children.  We have 33 children in the morning group and 22 in the afternoon. Each child is placed in a ‘family group’ with their own key worker.  The daily routine has a balance of adult led, and child led activities and, the children spend part of each day in their small groups and part of the day accessing the whole nursery, both indoors and outdoors.

We really enjoy playing and exploring and we will be learning about lots of exciting new things during our time in Nursery before we move on to the Reception class. Our projects this year will follow the Rhythms of life we will explore the seasons and will follow the children’s interests. 

The nursery environment is organised in the following ways:-

  • The workspace is natural, interesting and stimulating
  • The apparatus is clearly labelled so that children can be independent
  • Adult participation is carefully planned for
  • A structured daily routine

The aim of the Nursery at Deri View is to develop happy, confident and inquisitive children.  Providing strong foundations on which further learning can be built.


We like to do lots of different things in our class and enjoy learning new skills. We have a writing table where we can practise our writing and drawing skills. In the Maths area, we can play games and investigate numbers, shapes and colours. At our Create and Investigate area, we get to make, paint, draw, experiment with and make our own play dough.  We have a Reading area which we can use to read and enjoy books, dress up and make puppet shows. We also use the computers and SmartBoard to develop our ICT skills as well as having lots of Beebots, remote control toys, torches, Tuff Cams and Easi-speaks. We especially enjoy our block building area where we can build train tracks, roads and build with blocks to create lots of new things. We also have a baking area where each week we will be learning to cook new delicious treats, once trained we will be able to access this area independently! Our indoor and outdoor Role Play areas are always lots of fun and we enjoy acting out different things!


We also have two outdoor areas with a large sand pit and block play area.  We have lots of bikes, balls, hoops, balance beams and soft play toys too, as well as a water wall a mud kitchen and a slide.


We also enjoy getting out and about and visiting our Forest School Area every Thursday.


Mrs Edwards is our class teacher and she is also the AENCo for the school. We also have Mrs Forsyth, Mrs Stockley, Miss Young and Miss Bendon who make up our fantastic Nursery team.


You, as parents, have been your child’s primary educators up to this point and as they start on their journey into school life, it is important that you remain an integral part of the learning process. For this reason we pride ourselves on our relationships with parents and work closely with them, fostering excellent home / school links. Ultimately, we all strive towards the same goal – providing your child with a happy, safe and secure environment in which he/she can learn and flourish.