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Foundation Phase

The Foundation Phase is an approach to learning for children form 3-7 years in Wales. The Foundation Phase places great emphasis on children learning by doing. At Deri View Primary our children are given opportunities to gain first-hand experiences through play and active involvement both indoors and out.

The Foundation Phase curriculum is divided into 7 areas of learning:

Language, Literacy and Communication, Mathematical Development, Welsh Language Development. Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Creative Development, Physical Development and Personal and Social Development.


Key Stage 2

At Deri View Primary School we pride ourselves on our skills based curriculum. Pupils at Key Stage 2 are taught the basic skills of literacy and numeracy through focus lessons. The children learn the skills required to access all future learning. All foundation subjects such as History,Geography and Art are enhanced through the promotion of the project approach. Children have the opportunity to use skills they have been taught in fun activities. The activities support the National Curriculum and promote independent use of skills such as communication and thinking. The projects are planned by the class teacher with input from the pupils so that all project learning is meaningful, and excites the pupils.

Through our Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2 curriculum we focus on developing each child’s:

•Skills and understanding


•Positive attitude towards learning


•Independence in their learning


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